how to ECU (electronic control unit) is works in vehicle/how to works car ECU

  1. today We will learn what an electronic control unit of a vehicle (ECU) is
  2. how a vehicle (ECU) works.
  3. Why an ECU is necessary in a car
  4. What are the benefits of ECU in a car?

First let’s talk about the ECU of a car
Friends, just as ordinary people have a computer in their head called a brain, inside cars there is a brain called an ECU which has a full form of electronic control unit.

Friends, whenever we start the car, the ECU of the car first takes the report from the sensors in the engine and gives it to the actuators in the engine, from which they do their work with the ECU crank position sensor. Determines the position of the crank shaft

The cam  position sensor detects the cam position.  And  throttle position sensor detects the position of the open throttle.

And how much air is going into engine? this time  

The temperature of the air entering the engine and the map sensor tells the ECU the amount of air coming into the engine and then the ECU gives the data to the monitors in the engine.

As a result, the executors engaged in the engine form their duties

As the injector in the engine works, injecting fuel is the job of the ignition coil, generating high voltage current and spark plug will spark in the engine 

The engine will runs smoothly 

The ECU is an essential part of the car’s EFI system. The full form of EFI is the (electric fuel injection system).

Now let’s talk about what the ECU of the car does. The first task of the ECU is to control the mixture of air and fuel coming into the engine of the car. The ECU of the car receives reports of various sensors in the engine, what is the speed of the engine of the car at this time, what is the temperature of the engine, what is the temperature of the air coming into the engine and how much air is coming into the engine. The reports are compiled by the ECU and contain the report data

Accordingly, the ECU injects fuel into the engine

The ECU keeps setting the mixture going into the engine and takes care that neither the mixture is lane nor the mixture is rich. Rich mixture means more fuel and lane maker mixture more air and less fuel.

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