How Suzuki Mehran Auto Fan Works-how Auto fan works in suzuki mehran

  • We will learn this in today’s lesson
  • How Suzuki Mehran’s Auto Fan Works
  • Where does the auto Fan Suzuki Mehran fit?
  • All models of Suzuki Mehran have a system similar to Azek?
  • Why is it necessary to have an auto fan?
  • Friends, first of all we know how Suzuki Meran Auto Fan works. Friends  we Know that when the engine of our car starts, there is a fire inside the engine  Excessive heat is generated inside the engine.

    The water is heated in the engine hose to control that heat

    As you can see in this picture

    When water circulates in the engine, that water also gets very hot. Now that water To keep cool, a fan is attached to the car’s radiator to keep the engine cool.
    As you can see in the picture

  • Now if the fan of the car keeps running all the time then the engine of the car will get colder which is why the engine of the car
    Not good for now. The fan attached to the car’s radiator should be run only when the engine is running.
    It got too hot.
    An auto-fan sensor is fitted to the engine to do this
  • As you can see in the picture     
  •  The auto fan sensor moniter heat of engine. when the engine complete heat of this set by company auto fan sensor sent a signal to car ECM (computer) ECM will send signal to fan relay and fan will on and when the engine come cool sensor stop the signal and ECM stop to fan also 
  • you can see in picture
  • Model cars do not have to be the main computer but its function is to perform censorship
    – If the car is talking to the auto fan, then the car engine can be warmed up quickly due to the auto fan, which keeps the engine performing.
    (RPM )with low fuel consumption is fine which makes the engine perform well.

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