how to car crankshaft position sensor works

Today we will learn how the crank sensor of a car works
Where is the crank sensor located in the engine?
What problems can occur in the car due to faulty crank sensors?

First of all let’s talk about how the crank sensor of the car works. Friends, the engine of a car has two parts. The lower part is called the block and the upper part is called the head.

The Crankshaft Position Sensor is attached to the engine block facing the timing rotor on the engine crankshaft.

you can see in this pic-

The sensor detects signals used by the engine ECU to calculate the crankshaft position, and the engine rotational speed.

34 teeth placed every 10 ° Crank Angle (CA), plus two missing teeth for Top Dead Center (TDC) detection are set around the outer diameter of the timing rotor. Therefore, 34 AC waves are outputted from the sensor for each revolution of the crankshaft. These AC waves are converted to rectangular waveforms by the waveform shaping circuit inside the engine ECU, and are used to calculate the crankshaft position, TDC, and the engine rotational speed.

can see in this pic –

Now let’s talk about what could happen to the car if the crank sensor is bad
The problem with the crank sensor malfunctioning is that the vehicle will not start
The second problem is that the car will overheat and stop moving
In some vehicles, the fuel pump does not work because the crank sensor malfunctions

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