how auto fan works in suzuki cultus- automatic fan working princple suzuki cultus

  • How does a car auto fan work in suzuki cultus?

  • Where is the auto fan sensor located in suzuki cultus?

  • Do all models of Suzuki Cultus have the same system? and
  • why auto fan sensor Are Necessary In A Car                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      First we need to know how the car’s auto fan sensor works. Friends, whenever our car engine starts
    there is a fire inside it which creates a lot of heat inside the engine.

  • see in pics
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     for a Control this heat.To do water is circulated in the engine housing So that the heat generated in them can be controlled. Now when the water circulates in this heat, the water is also very hot.To keep the water cool, a fan is installed with a radiator to keep the water cool.
  • can see in pics
  • Friends, the engine of the car should not be too cold or too hot. Now if the fan attached to the radiator will continue to run.The engine will get too cold which is not good for the engine so be prepared to keep the engine warm to a certain extent.An auto-sensor is fitted with an aerator fan that runs only when the engine is warmed up to a certain extent. 
  • The auto fan sensor monitor the heat of engine every time and when engine complete heat the auto fan sensor send signal to car ECU (computer) the ECU send comand to fan relay and  And the relay turns to fan on
  • Now let’s talk about where the auto fan is in the engine.

    Friends Auto Sensor is installed in different places in different vehicles. In some vehicles this sensor is of the vehicle. . With radiator And in some vehicles it is installed inside the engine block but also here it is installed there engine water It is important that whenever we look for the auto fan sensor, we will look at the places where the engine is in.

    The water is coming and going

  • You talk about why an auto fan sensor is necessary in an engine

    Friends, auto-fan instalation in the car is important so that the engine is hot for a certain period of time, neither too cold nor too cold.
    It is hotter so it is fitted with an auto fan sensor.

    Whenever the engine of our car stays cold, it causes rpm Will increase which can damage the car’s engine and when the car’s engine stays colder it will also consume more fuel The car will also take the engine load due to being cooler and more cool while the engine will take a good race and the stomach will be less expensive.
    Must be free to do so the car is fitted with Edo fan sensor so that the car consumes less petrol and the engine is good.

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