The function of the sensors.Type of car sensors

                                       The function of the sensors.

  1.   The function of the sensors is to provide reporte of performic of car engine to car ECU It sends information about the system it is monitring to the ECU. , the ECU makes adjustments. If the ECU is unable to make necessary changes, it sends a warning to the driver.

    Types of car sensors

    The below table provides different types of sensors in a car and their functions.
    Sensor Function
    Air-flow sensor It measures the density and volume of the air entering the combustion chamber.
    Engine knock sensor It monitors engine knocking and ensures the air-fuel mixture is ignited correctly.
    Engine speed sensor It monitors the spinning speed and position of the crankshaft.
    Camshaft position sensor It monitors the position and proper timing of the camshaft.
    Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor Monitors engine load by measuring the difference between the manifold and outside pressure.
    Throttle position sensor Monitor the position of the throttle valve.
    Voltage sensor It manages the idling speed of the vehicle.
    Oxygen sensor It helps to measure the oxygen level present in the exhaust gases.
    NOx sensor It measures the Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) present in the exhaust gases.
    Temperature sensor It monitors the engine temperature.
    Fuel temperature sensor It monitors the temperature of the fuel entering the engine.
    Speed sensor It measures the speed of the wheels.
    Parking sensor It recognises any obstacle present in the front or rear of the vehicle.
    Rain sensor It detects rain and sends a signal to ECU to activate the wipers.

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