The Definition of a MAP Sensor

The Definition of a MAP Sensor

The MAP sensor mean in long word manifold absolute pressure sensor  is one of the sensors used in the  electronic control system of an internal combustion engine.

MAP sensors are frequently used in engines that inject fuel.    The manifold pressure sensor transmits real-time manifold pressure data to the engine’s (ECU) electronic control unit. The function of data is to calculate the air density and determine the engine’s air mass flow rate, determining the fuel metering required for optimal combustion and influencing the ignition timing advance or retardation. In order to detect intake airflow, fuel-injected engines may use a (MAF sensor).mass airflow sensor Aspirated engines typically use one or the other, whereas forced induction engines typically use both at the same time. The MAF sensor on the intake pipe is connected to the throttle body, and the MAP sensor on the intake port is connected to the pre-turbine.

The second variable from IAT (intake air temperature sensor) can be applied to convert MAP sensor data to air quality data. It is referred to as the speed-density method. The engine speed (RPM) is also used to determine the position on the lookup table, which determines the amount of fuel to be added, and thus the speed density (engine speed/air density).


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