What is Throttle Position Sensor/ how TP Sensor works Throttle position sensor wiring diagram

Friend here we know about the car Throttle position Sensor What is TP sensor and how that works

first we know what is throttle position sensor

In automobiles, the speed of the engine can be controlled by varying the amount of fuel and air supplied to the engine. For this throttle system is used. Previously, a mechanical linkage was attached to the throttle pedal by which the butterfly valve of the throttle system was controlled. When the driver hits the accelerator cable the valve used to open wide which causes high flow of fuel or air thereby increasing the speed of the vehicle.

In modern automobiles, the Throttle Position Sensor is used for this process. This sensor used to monitor the position of the throttle valve in the vehicles. It can also be viewed as a potentiometer which provides variable resistance depending upon the position of the throttle valve.

How Throttle position sensor work

This sensor is usually mounted on the throttle body. It senses the position of the throttle valve or butterfly valve and transmits the information to the Engine control unit. This sensor monitors how far down the accelerator pedal is pushed and gives the output current determining the position of the pedal. The position of the pedal controls the airflow of the engine. If the valve is wide opened, a large amount of air is supplied to the engine and vice-versa.  The output given by this sensor, along with other sensors is transmitted to the engine control unit, which decides the amount of fuel to be injected into the engine accordingly.

Throttle position sensor wiring

This sensor is a three wired  Through the first wire, a 5V power is supplied to the sensors resistivity layer. The second wire is used as ground whereas the third wire is Return out put signal to the Car ECM ( Engine control system).

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